Postgraduate Students

Tim Barker

  1. PhD Time and Narrative in Interactive Models of Cinema
  2. UNSW UPA 2006-09

Anna Davis

  1. PhD Digital Narrative and Sensing Systems
  2. UNSW APA 2002-05

Kit Devine

  1. PhD Time and Place: Presence and Virtual Heritage

Greg Ferris

  1. PhD Multimodal Digital Narrative

Bernadette Flynn

  1. PhD Navigation and Embodiment in Digital Environments

Gail Kenning

  1. PhD Physical Forms of Patterning in a Digital Environment

Anita Kocsis

  1. PhD Making Sense of Experience: The Challenge of Designing for Digitally Augmented Museum Space
  2. UNSW Research Travel Fund 2007

Matthew McGinity

  1. PhD La Dispersion du Fils
  2. UNSW APA 2010-12

Susan Norrie

  1. PhD Havoc (2007), Black Wind (2005)
  2. UNSW APA 2004-07, UNSW Adjunct Professor 2005

Keir Smith

  1. PhD From Transmission to Multiplicity: Interactive Art Installations as a Site for Research

Anthony Speed

  1. MA Distributed Interactive Environments

Anuraag Sridhar

  1. PhD Physical Interaction in Immersive Environments

Stephanie Valentin

  1. PhD Subvisible Digital Imaging

Susie Walsh

  1. PhD Voice-Over in War Films

Jamil Yamani

  1. MA To create an immersive interactive installation to explore “the other” through aerial perspectives