Project Overview

Project Directors: Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw

iCinema 135 degree system

AVIE_SC (135 degree version)

The AVIE_SC system (or Semicircular) is a fully portable and scalable 135 to 160 degree 3D immersive and interactive visualisation system with 4K resolution. It measures up to 7 metres in diameter and 3 to 4 metres in height accommodating up to 8 users. It includes a 3D stereoscopic projection system, a multi-channel audio system and a motion capture and tracking system articulated to a series of control and image generators. It forms a central visualisation platform in iCinema for research, training and exhibition in the fields of AI visualisation, immersive environments and networked collaboration. It is deployable on-site with industry and project partners for research development and application.

Performance Set Design Prototyping
Transport Design Modelling