Cross Currents


  1. Producer, Director and Designer: Dennis Del Favero
  2. Sound Design and Production: Tony MacGregor
  3. Script and texts: Dennis Del Favero and Tony MacGregor
  4. Sound Engineer: Andrei Chabunov
  5. Audio Performers: Sylvana Jakic and Vladan Blagojevic
  6. Translation: Margot Seligman
  7. Yugoslavian footage: Drazen Simic
  8. CD-ROM production and programming: Volker Kuchelmeister
  9. Digital video editing: Dennis Del Favero and Volker Kuchelmeister
  10. 3-D graphics, video postproduction assistant: Sabine Hirtes
  11. Installation application software: Andre Bernhard
  12. Installation architectural drawings: Simon Bathgate
  13. Researcher and script editor: Fiona Bathgate

The sound was produced in association with: The Listening Room, the acoustic arts program of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Recorded at: The Studios of ABC Radio, Sydney, Australia

CD-ROM production and digital video editing: ZKM, Karlsruhe

Presentation of Cross Currents courtesy Mori Gallery, Sydney