Project Overview

ARC Project Investigators: Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw, Johnny Chan, Terry Smith.

ARC Project Title: The reformulation of landscape as a user-generated interactive aesthetic.

ARC Discovery Project: DP110101146

Interactive computer graphic installation

Deluge screen shot

Deluge is an interactive computer graphic installation that investigates the emergence of a user-generated interactive aesthetic of landscape framed theoretically within the new processes of networked immersive digital technology. Through experimental application of a user-driven narrative system it demonstrates how aesthetic imagery, such as landscape, is collectively produced by users as the outcome of interactive dialogue and the creative reassembling of cultural and scientific data. In its explanation of the interactive processes underlying this new genre of contemporary image composition, the study transforms our understanding of the way in which new technology can impact on Australia’s visual culture.

Actress pano 2
Deluge screen shot

Deluge video documentation.


  • Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, 2016