Nebula I - IV

Project Overview

Project Directors: Dennis Del Favero, with Stephen Sewell, Elwira Skowronska, Peter Weibel
ARC Investigators: Dennis Del Favero, Jill Bennett, Neil Brown, Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel, Ursula Frohne, Johnny Chan
Programmers: Alex Ong, Som Guan, Rob Lawther, Volker Kuchelmeister
Project Funding: ARC DP120102243
Artificially intelligent interactive computer graphic installation

Nebula atmoscape screen shot pano
Nebula screen shot

Nebula is an artificially intelligent (AI) interactive computer graphic installation that investigates the emergence of an interactive aesthetics of the atmosphere made possible through the integration of new imaging processes combining remote sensing and immersive technology. Through experimental application of a remote sensing visualisation system it demonstrates how visual narratives of the atmosphere can be jointly produced by users and intelligent imaging systems through their reciprocal interaction in the representation of atmospheric data. In its explanation of the interactive processes underlying this new genre of contemporary image formation, the study transforms our insight into how revolutionary new technology can impact on Australia’s understanding of the climate.

It comprises two iterations. Nebula I explores the visualisation of the atmosphere using a basic generative, live-rendered application that integrates remote sensing data supplied by NASA with custom created worlds comprised of 20,000 particles, underpinned by a basic AI framework. Nebula II extends this with an enhanced AI framework that enables each particle to independently calculate its behaviour relative to other particles

Nebula Cinema Trailer.

Nebula/Atmoscape panorama
Nebula screen shot


  • Nebula IV, SIGGRAPH Asia, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Brisbane, 2019
  • Nebula IV, SIGGRAPH Asia, Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan, 2018
  • Nebula IV, Art Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE, 2018
  • Nebula IV, Visibility Matrix, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin & Void Gallery, Derry, both Ireland, 2018
  • Nebula IV, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany, 2018
  • Nebula IV, Le Printemps de Septembre, La Fondation Espace Écureuil, Toulouse, France, 2018
  • Nebula III, Art of Immersion: Virtual Frontiers, ZKM Media Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2017
  • Nebula III, Aphasia – Düsseldorf & Cologne Open, Galerie Brigitte Schenk, Cologne, Germany, 2017
  • Nebula II, Sydney Film Festival, Sydney, 2016
  • Nebula II, International Symposium of Electronic Art, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China, 2016
  • Nebula II, Art Cologne, Cologne, Germany, 2016
  • Nebula II, Group Exhibition 2016, Kronenberg Wright Artists Projects, Sydney, 2016
  • Nebula II, Galerie Marion Scharmann & Laskowski, Cologne, Germany, 2016
  • Nebula I, GLOBALE, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, 2015
  • Nebula I, Libidinal Circuits, FACT, Liverpool, UK, 2015
  • Nebula I, Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize, National Art School Gallery, Sydney, 2015
  • Nebula I, Tactical Imagery, SCA Galleries, Sydney, 2015
  • Nebula I, Kronenberg Wright Artists Projects, Sydney, 2014