1. Director, Producer and Designer: Dennis Del Favero
  2. Application Programmer: André Bernhardt
  3. Writer: Stephen Sewell
  4. Composer: Brett Dean
  5. Sound Design: Tony MacGregor
  6. Sound Engineer: John Jacobs
  7. Stylist and Designer: Karla Urizar
  8. Voice-overs: Lenka Kripac, Matthew Edgerton, James Marshall Napier, Peter Kowitz, Tony MacGregor
  9. Actors: Hollie Berrie, Andrew Dalton, Thor Thorsen
  10. Compositing: Greg Ferris

Produced with the assistance of Cinemedia’s Digital Media Fund, Victoria, Australia

Funded by:

  1. Australia Council for the Arts
  2. Australian Research Council International Grant: iiC_inema
  3. College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.