1. Concept and directors: Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw
  2. Photography: John Gollings, Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw
  3. Computer graphic design and animation: Paprikaas Animation Studios, Bangalore
  4. Audio design: Paul Doornbusch
  5. Music: Dr L Subramaniam
  6. Archaeological direction: George Michell, John Fritz,
  7. Fieldwork coordinator: Sarah Kenderdine
  8. Ambisonic audio recording: Paul Doornbusch, Doron Kipen
  9. Stereoscopy consultant: Paul Bourke
  10. Application software: Adolf Mathias
  11. Installation design and engineering: Jeffrey Shaw, Nelissen Dekorbouw
  12. Projectors: Projectiondesign FX20SX+
  13. Motion captured dance: Lingalayam Dance Company, Sina Azad

Place-Hampi forms part of and was supported under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Project’s scheme, with major support from the Archaeological Survey of India, UNSW iCinema Centre, Lille3000, Museum Victoria, Epidemic, ZKM Karlsruhe, Gollings Pidgeon and, Music and Effects.

Australian Research Council Project Investigators: Jeffrey Shaw, Dennis Del Favero, Neil Brown, Paul Compton, Maurice Pagnucco, Andre Van Schaik, Craig Jin, Peter Weibel, Sarah Kenderdine, Tim Hart, John Fritz, Volker Kuchelmeister.