1. Director: Dennis Del Favero
  2. Writer: Stephen Sewell
  3. Artificial Intelligence System: Maurice Pagnucco, Timothy Cerexhe
  4. Real-Time Computer Vision System and Interpretation System: Anuraag Sridhar, Arcot Sowmya, Paul Compton
  5. Composer: Kate Moore
  6. Designer: Karla Urizar
  7. Lead Technical Architect: Ardrian Hardjono
  8. Software Engineers: Jared Berghold, Som Guan, Alex Kupstov. Piyush Bedi, Rob Lawther
  9. Hardware Integration Engineer: Robin Chow
  10. Pianist: Saskia Lankhoorn (playing Zomer)
  11. Sound Engineer: Marc Chee
  12. Animation Modellor: Alison Bond
  13. Post-Doctoral Fellow: Tim Barker
  14. Motion Capture Actors: Dianne Reid, Rebekkah Connors, Alethia Sewell, Stephanie Hutchison
  15. Body Models: Corrie Morton, Sylvia Lam, Jennifer Munroe, Taylor Callaghan, Zachary Collie
  16. Motion Capture: MoCap Studios Deakin University
  17. Voice-over Actors: Noel Hodda, Steve Bisley, Heather Mitchell, Katrina Foster, Marcella and Justine Kerrigan, Bonni Sven, Chaquira Cussack
  18. Production Managers: Sue Midgley, Joann Bowers
  19. Australian Research Council Queen Elizabeth II Fellow: Dennis Del Favero
  20. Australian Research Council Discovery Project Investigators: Dennis Del Favero, Jeffrey Shaw, Steve Benford, Johannes Goebel
  1. Scenario is an experimental study for a research project supported under the Australian Research Council’s Fellowship and Discovery Projects funding schemes.