1. Curator and Editor: Dennis Del Favero and Jeffrey Shaw
  2. Design and Software: Volker Kuchelmeister
  3. 2001
  4. Book & DVD-ROM

Published by Hatje Cantz, Germany


This is the first DVD-ROM in the ZKM Digital Arts Edition, published by ZKM and the Centre for Interactive Cinema, presenting new works by Australian and European artists. The individual works address the specific challenges of interactive narrative conception and design.

The works in (dis) LOCATIONS explore a multi-dimensional concept of narrative. This dynamic form of narrative is profoundly dialogic in character. Mikhail Baktin’s concept of the dialogic illustrates how fictional characters, for example, those in Dostoyevsky’s novels, are able to speak without subjection to the single authorial control of their creator. Baktin terms this a ‘genuine polyphony’. The arrival of digital systems permits this polyphony to be an emergent property generated by the viewers’ interaction with the author’s narration.

  1. (dis) LOCATIONS, DVD-ROM & Book, ZKM digital arts edition
  2. ISBN 3-7757-1087-6

Works – Artists:

  • Place Urbanity – a psycho-ethnographic portrait of Melbourne – Jeffrey Shaw
  • The Panoptic Society or Immortally in Love with Death – Peter Weibel
  • Sweet Stalking – Ian Howard
  • Defile – Susan Norrie
  • Pentimento – Dennis Del Favero
  • Their Things Spoken – Agnes Hegedüs

(dis) LOCATIONS Book

This book includes essays by authors including Jill Bennett, Lev Manovich and Peter Weibel which comment upon the featured works and analyze theoretical aspects of interactive cinema and digital communications media.


  • Jeffrey Shaw – (dis)LOCATIONS Introduction
  • Dennis Del Favero – “Digitally Expanded Forms of Narration”
  • Lev Manovic – “Post-media Aesthetics”
  • Anna Munster – “New Media as Old Media: Strategies for Dislocation and Relocation”
  • Peter Weibel – “Post-Gutenberg Narrations”
  • Jill Benett – “Notes on Memory, Narration and New Media”
  • Ursula Frohne – “Show & Tell. The Discursive Idea of Things”
  • Charles Green – “The Art of Friction”
  • James Donald – “The World Turned Upside Down”
  • Ursula Frohne – “Horror Vacui”